• 10 crepe-tape-rolls in awesome colors
  • each 3mm / 6mm / 12mm wide
  • each 8m long

* The tape art box is suitable for everyone - especially good for children and beginners.
* The tape is easy and residue-free removable.
* Ideal for embellishing, decorating, creating and designing...also suitable for curves.
* Colors: white, yellow, orange, red, green, light blue, dark blue, purple, gray, black.



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  • 6 coloured glitter tape rolls
  • each 15mm wide
  • each 10m long
* This glitter tape is typical Berlin. It's perfect to decorate gifts, everyday opjects or the children's room.
* It's particularly good for decorating hula hoops!
* Each box contains the colours: purple, red, gold, silver, green and blue.

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Tape your world as you like it!


+ Our TAPE BOX encourages your creativity.

+ Our TAPE BOX is especially made for kids and beginners.

+ You can use our TAPE BOX to make art, to decorate thing or simply having fun with it. 

+ Tape art is an art form, which you can simply try - it's fun.

+ With tape you can be creative anywhere - no worries, you can remove it easily.

+ Tape is straightforward and very easy to handle - just use your hands and create something fresh and beautiful.

"Tape is the new paint!"