• 10 crepe-tape-rolls in awesome colors
  • each 3mm / 6mm / 12mm wide
  • each 8m long


The tape art box is suitable for everyone - especially good for children and beginners.

The tape is easy and residue-free removable.

Ideal for embellishing, decorating, creating and designing...also suitable for curves.

Colours: white, yellow, orange, red, green, light blue, dark blue, purple, gray, black.



5,95 €

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  • 5 neon tape rolls
  • each 12mm wide
  • each 5m long


This neon tape is a real eye-catcher.


These mini rolls come in a handy fluorescent mix of 5 colors and offer a total of 25 meters of tape! They come on a small core and are the perfect pocket size. This high quality product is a matt gaffer tape with 100% cotton fabric (120 mesh) and 100% natural rubber adhesive, with no release coating.




This makes the product our most environmentally friendly gaffer tape to date. Most of the colors used are plant-based and come from ethical sources.
- 100% natural cotton fabric
- Adhesive made from 100% natural rubber
- Plant-based dyes
- FSC-certified packaging
- No harmful chemicals are used in the manufacture of this product
- Reduces your ecological footprint

10,95 €

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  • 6 coloured glitter tape rolls
  • each 15mm wide
  • each 10m long


This glitter tape is typical Berlin. It's perfect to decorate gifts, everyday opjects or the children's room.

It's particularly good for decorating hula hoops!

Each box contains the colours: purple, red, gold, silver, green and blue.

9,95 €

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A mix of different coloured tape rolls & adhesive foils

  1. small 10 rolls
  2. medium 15 rolls
  3. large 20 rolls
  • each at least 25m long
  • high quality tapes from different brand manufacturers like tesa, 3M, Advanced, IPG, mt Masking Tape etc.
  • When ordering, please write down your favourite colours under "Comments" - we will try to fulfil your request as best we can.


These tapes are especially suitable for advanced and professional users.

Ideal for embellishing, decorating, creating and designing...also suitable for curves.

Colours: Everything your heart desires!




30,00 €

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Tape your world as you like it!


+ Our TAPE BOX encourages your creativity.

+ Our TAPE BOX is especially made for kids and beginners.

+ You can use our TAPE BOX to make art, to decorate thing or simply having fun with it. 

+ Tape art is an art form, which you can simply try - it's fun.

+ With tape you can be creative anywhere - no worries, you can remove it easily.

+ Tape is straightforward and very easy to handle - just use your hands and create something fresh and beautiful.

"Tape is the new paint!"