• 15 masking tape rolls in awesome colors
  • each 8m long

11 colours crepe/paper tape (12mm)

+ 2 black and 2 white masking tapes (3mm)...ideal for outlines and curves


additional items:

  • 15cm ruler
  • scissors (with blunt tip)
  • HB pencil made from recycled newspaper
  • A4 double-sided artboard
  • handy hints & tips

This fantastic tape art kit contains everything you need to create your very own personal tape art piece. This 20-piece set is beautifully packaged and includes 15 coloured tape rolls of masking tape.


The Tape-Art-Box is suitable for everyone - especially for children & beginners.

Our tapes are easy to remove without leaving any residue.

Colours: white, yellow, orange, red, green, light blue, dark blue, purple, grey, black.


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  • 10 masking tape rolls in awesome colors
  • each 24mm wide
  • each 50m long


This decorative masking tape comes in a stack of 10 colors, each roll is 24 mm x 50 m and offers you endless creative possibilities. Ideal for decorating and designing. With all these great colors to choose from, it's perfect for letting your imagination run wild.


Colours: pink, green, grey, black, orange, purple, light blue, dark blue, yellow, red


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