Our TAPE BOX is particularly suitable for kids & beginners!


TAPE BOX - Der Malkasten aus Tape!






 Your paintbox filled with tape!


◎ 10 colourful tapes with whom you can be creative.


◎ All you need is your hands and your imagination.




Especially suitable for kids & beginners.




 Tape art was born in the graffiti scene during the 90ies. It's a new form of street art which has fans all over the world.


Instead of using paint or spray cans you use tape to create graphic elements as well as pictorial motifs. 




 Our tape sticks to any surface.

Whether stone, wood or metal – they stick, but can also be removed at any time without residue.


Vorteil: Du kannst bedenkenlos kreativ werden wo auch immer Du möchtest.*

* Please find further information about the material properties of our tapes: www.klebeland.de/agb/





 Tape your own style!

Create what's in your mind wherever you are – the possibilities are endless.


 Now, it's your turn – create your own tape art design!

Our TAPE BOX encourages your creativity!


Our TAPE BOX is made for decorating stuff, creating art or just having fun.


Your TAPE BOX contains tape-rolls, which are produced by Klebeland - your tape expert initiating tape art in Berlin.


Die TAPE BOX wurde von der weltweit größten & bekanntesten Tape Art Crew entwickelt - nämlich von TAPE OVER aus Berlin!


Berlin ist sowohl der Ursprung als auch das Zentrum der Tape Art SzeneUnd auch die TAPE BOX ist ein Original aus Berlin!